Activities - Call International Open Call

A call for the selection of a composer under 35 with disabilities or a group of composers under 35 including persons with disabilities to be included in the artistic team of the PASS Project.


The call aims to create an opportunity of growth, comparison and professional employment to enhance the artistic talent of emerging composers with disabilities.

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Activities - Focus Groups Audience Development | Focus Groups

Each partner, working with stakeholders, the disabled communities, cultural operators, technicians and school professionals, will collect information on needs and possible solutions. Partners will highlight problems faced by disabiled people and possible solutions to be implemented in live venues and shows.

Activities - Creative Workshop Creative workshops

Creative workshops began with Bohnice theatre company, actors with long-term experience with psychiatric patients. The theme was ‘touch, see and hearing’ and a sheet of paper served as a means of expression.

Activities - Meetings online Meetings online

After the online kick-off meeting in Parma, the team divided into artistic team and stearing team meets online on a monthly basis: a true process of shared co-creation.