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About us - Fondazione Toscanini
Fondazione Toscanini

Fondazione Arturo Toscanini is among the most important and dynamic music institutions in Italy, specialised in the production of symphonic and opera performances, and in professional training of young people in the performing arts and jobs. Each year, it stages around 100 symphonic concerts and 40 opera performances in the most prestigious Italian and international venues.

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About us - ACCAC
ACCAC Finland

ACCAC Finland (Accessible Arts and Culture) has implemented accessibility improvement projects, festivals, seminars, artists’ visiting programs and accessibility training and mentoring since 2011 in Finland and internationally, promoting equality and inclusion. They have participated in numerous Erasmus+ and Creative Europe programs, where new creative tools are developed for European cooperation, community building and radical inclusion.

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About us - En Dynamei
EN Dynamei

En dynamei Ensemble is a group of young artists with and without disabilities, which has been active since 2008. It is perhaps one of the most important collectives that exist in Greece. Its work is based on collective practices at every level, first and foremost that of the equal collaboration of young people with and without disabilities, while it operates as a collective “I” to produce its artistic work.

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About us- Studio Citadela
Studio Citadela

Studio Citadela (SC) is a cultural-social center that has been dealing with destigmatization and overcoming barriers in society / fostering diversity and pro-social aspects of culture in its projects since 1996, primarily focusing on artists with specific needs, potentially excluded ethnic groups, children and youth. SC has not yet implemented a comprehensive methodology for improving the accessibility of cultural and educational events.

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